Luxury Casino launches VIP Spa Club for Spouse

Many people like to go to casinos and enjoy the games there. Over the years, however, many people, especially spouses for people who love to play casino games have felt out of place in these luxury casinos. This thus makes them not have a good experience that was intended. One of the luxury casinos however has seen this as a great opportunity for diversifying their client base. This has also seen more people coming to the casinos with their spouses. This casino has launched a VIP spa club for the spouses who want to come to the casino but don’t know or want to play the games. This has thus attracted many more people to the VIP casino as they can be accompanied by their wives. There are various treatments available in the VIP spa club for spouses to choose from. These include pedicures, manicures, facial treatments, massages, and other numerous options. These have been known to have a positive effect on the body. These are some of the reasons for visiting this VIP spa club by these spouses. You can try to visit the same VIP feel at some of the online casino Singapore.

Here are some of the best reasons to go to the VIP Spa Club

1: Get healthy and relax

 Health and wellness spas also called destination spas, where you can start a healthy lifestyle with exercise, spa cuisine, and relaxation. This is the best choice if you’re looking to make some healthy changes in your life while keeping up with a professional career. Traditionally, resort spas offer spa treatments “a la carte”. They focus on relaxation, aromatherapy, and wellness. According to Aromatherapy Associates, aromatherapy is moving in a brand-new direction, and the power of scent is increasingly being used for its strong therapeutic qualities. The calming orange blossom and lavender scents that often waft through spa lounges and treatment rooms have been part of spa and wellness experiences for years. Taking its roots from India, Egypt, and China – where fragrant plant oils were used for religious, cosmetics, and medical purposes. Now, aromatherapy is playing a great role in the treatment of pain, as a mood enhancer and in sleep therapy. Aromatherapy consists of using only natural oils extracted from a wide array of plants. As a spa client, you can now receive customized treatments based on how you feel.

2: Rejuvenate your beauty

 In 2017, we’ll see an even greater focus on Medical Spas and beauty treatments. Medical Spas have become a billion-dollar a year industry. Because the industry offers clients minimally invasive medical procedures in a relaxed, spa-like environment, instead of having to go to a doctor’s office, Medical Spas have become the choice for many. Trendy and chic spas have been opening up all across the country. The Medical Spa concept is the natural blending of advanced skincare with the body and facial rejuvenation services in the relaxing atmosphere and convenience of a day spa. Before Medical Spas, the only access to these body and facial rejuvenation services was through a doctor’s office. All spas offer spa services like massage, body treatments, and facials. Massage, for example, is far more than an indulgence. It has numerous health benefits: calming the central nervous system; improving blood circulation and helping the body get rid of waste products. Regular massages can keep you feeling your best and improve the quality of your life.

3: Weight loss

 Health and wellness are hot topics around the globe, and they have been for years. However, the percentage of adults around the world who are considered overweight has increased by nearly 30% over the past 30 years – according to Nielsen study. The good news, however, is that consumers around the world are taking steps to take charge of their health. About half are trying to lose weight, and manufacturers are reformulating products to eliminate or reduce the sugar, cholesterol, trans, and saturated fat and sodium content of the food. Far more hotels are offering destination-spa-like programming during specialty weekends, often headlined by celebrity trainers and wellness gurus.

With these numerous benefits available for spouses to visit VIP spa clubs, more of them have enjoyed their time there. They can now go to casinos and even though they don’t know or want to play the games, they can now have fun on their own. This has strengthened many spouses’ relationships as they can now go to the luxury casino together.